Death Note:characters and relationships between them

Good evening readers!Today I’ll present to you these 3 main characters from Death Note and my opinion about relationships between them!

Light Yagami(Kira):He is a highschool student, further, a college student.He is a smart, intelligent, but also, full of evil person.He finds a notebook, called Death Note in which are written the rules about it.(Death Note is the reason of his obsession about world and it “imperfections”).He thinks that if he kill a lot of people, he could change the whole world.But, his plan, even though goes perfect initially, at the end of anime, it presenting a failure, and unfortunately dies because of Ryuk.Light accepted initially that if he respect the notebook’s rules, after dead,he will be catch between hell and heaven.Light has a lovely family, a family formed by 4 members(father, mother,his sister and him).

Light Yagami(Kira)

Misa Amane:She is a blonde and beautiful girl, but also the second owner of the second Death Note.She is in love with Light Yagami,but he doesn’t care about it.She has a partner who is called Rem and she presents much loyality for Misa.She tries to help in Light Yagami’s plan, but she give up and committing suicide at the end.

Misa Amane

Lawlliet Ryuuzaki(L):He is the head of the organization who tries to catch Kira(Light Yagami).He has a strange obsession for sweets like cakes, sugar cubes(he usually puts many sugar cubes in his tea…seriously…wtf).He is an intelligent character who doesn’t like to walk with shoes and who holds in a strange mode stuff like cellphone, different files, etc.He unfortunately dies at the middle of anime.

Lawlliet Ryuuzaki(L)

1st Relationship(Light-Misa).The relationship between them is very difficult, full of missunderstandings and full of Misa’s love for Light.He doesn’t care for her.He cares about his plan which goes perfect initially.He hates her, this thing bringing to Misa the wish of death, and she committing suicide at the end of the story.

2nd relationship(Light-Lawlliet).Light has an anger for Ryuuzaki.With how much L is close to Light, with that much L will find out that the Light is Kira.This situation is putting Light in a sticky situation and he decide to kill him in the middle of the story.

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Death Note, the frontier between morality and abnormality

Welcome again!Today I’ll present to you my opinion about Death Note, but at first, I want to make a short description about this anime.

Death Note presents the life of Light Yagami, a highschool student, further a college student who finds a notebook.If you are writing a person’s name in this notebook, that person will die.Suddenly, Light considers that he is the supreme judge and a specialized team formed by policemen and FBI agents try to find and catch him.

My opinion about this anime:it’s an psychological anime in which the main character is a bad person who will die at the end of the action.I don’t like this thing, because since I was a child and watched at animated series, I got used to support the good characters.In this anime, the action gives a trace of thrill based on the main purpose, creating a new world.Structures like “I’m the God of my new world” or ” I want to make a new world” present the Light Yagami’s ridiculous obsession which should be stopped.This character, deprivaled of soul, sacrifices many people for many chances of winning.Unfortunately, his plan present a failure at the end of anime.He dies with regret, based on a stupid wish.

In conclusion, this anime presents the consequences brought by a nonsense reason.Don’t forget!We are not perfect, but it’s ok to make mistakes!We are perfect when we make mistakes and we learn from them!

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The beginning, I think😅

Hi and welcome to my website!This is the first time when I try to make an website, more exactly a blog.My name is Christian and I’ll make a treck to the anime universe where I like to invite you!I hope you will have fun here.

And I will start with a little description.Hi!My name is Florin Christian, I’m 17 years old, I’m from Romania and I study at this moment in 10th grade.I like to listen to music, to make friends, to eat many sweets(sorry for this obssesion, but I’m sure that I’m not the only person who like to eat sweets everyday😅) and to learn something different every day and this is an important thing which make the difference between people, in my opinion.I’m an anime fan for 1 month and, at this moment, I watched 3 animes which I liked very much, like:Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach.

I hope you will have fun here(I say again this😅), and don’t worry!The next article will be here very soon!😉🖐